*** Important Notice ***

Thanks everyone for your liking and supporting our cards, and we have received overwhelming sales during the past view days.

As all our cards are handmade, we will need time to process them. We will not be taking further order from now until 30th September 2020, so that we have more time to focus on the orders received and ensure only good quality cards will be sent to all our players, as well as designing new cards to post on our site.

For all orders that were already made, please have no worries at all, as we will be working hard to have them shipped out within 10 working days. Do avoid emailing us before that so that we can focus our time on the card making process.

We will be rewarding those supporter who waited for us and came back to purchase their cards on 30th September 2020 by providing a promo code worth of a card(USD3.90) to be use during your checking out. Promo Code – Thanks_For_Waiting Valid from 30th September 2020 to 1st October 2020